Micro Stepper Motor With Lead Screw, Precision Stepper Motor Long Linear screw slider with Bracket ATM-SM0807

Short Description:

Stepper motors are ideal for positioning – but how do you translate the rotation of the output shaft to a linear movement? A lead screw! These incredibly tiny stepper motors have an integrated lead screw with a M1.5 thread – making them ideal for fine linear positioning. They are easy to mount with their bracket and can be made to move small things back and forth without too much trouble.

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Shutter Model: ATM-SU-123

Technical Features:

Because of its small size, high precision, easy to control and other excellent characteristics, so this micro stepper motor is widely used in the camera, optical instruments, lenses, precision medical devices, automatic door locks and other fields.

The motor input part of the FPC, but can according to the customer demand can be changed to a connecting line needle, PCB and other forms.

Main Application:

1) Camera
2) Optical instruments
3)  Lenses
4)  Precision medical devices
5)  Automatic door locks


Model: ATM-SM0807
Electrical Features:
* Rated Voltage: 5.0V DC
* Resistance: 10Ω±7%
* No of Phase: 2
* Step Angle: 18°
* Excitation Method: 2-2 Phase Exciting
* Holding Torque: 30gf-cm Min
* Pull Out Torque: 18gf-cm Min
* Max. Slewing Frequency: 1 200PPC Min
* Max. Starting Frequency: 1 000PPC Min
* Insulation Class: E
* Insulation Strength: 200V AC
* Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ(200V DC)
* Operating Temp.: -20~+70℃

Technical Drawing:


More Micro Linear Stepper Motor Screw Slider

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Model: ATM-SM08001
Rated Voltage: 5.0V DC
Resistance: 30Ω±10%
No. of Phase: 2
Step Angle: 18°
Excitaion Method: 2-2 Phase Exciting
Drive Mode: Bi-Ploar Drive
Insulation Class: E
Insulation Strength: 1mA Max
Insulation Resistance: 1.0MΩ(100V DC)
Operating Temp.: -40~+80℃


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